How to remove slip yoke from driveshaft

Under normal driving conditions and vehicle payload, the slip yoke will remain within a narrow range of movement across the splines and seal surface. Can I just remove it or am I risking vibration damage to the drive train? If not any help finding a replacement slip yoke/damper assembly? The slip yoke has 25 spline, 1. Clean the slip yoke splines with brake cleaner or equivalent and a shop towel. (BOTTOM PIC) I also added old 3800 lbs/4-speed super stock springs. Mark the connection of the driveshaft to the axle with chalk for later reference. 5" 25 Spline Slip Yoke Diff INSIDE CLIPS 1962 - 1964 Ford Mercury Driveshaft INSIDE CLIPS 55. Free shipping for all orders over $75. Discard the boot as necessary. SYE stands for Slip Yoke Eliminator. Torque to 45ft-lbs using a 13mm socket. I'm just trying to work out now the slip yoke situation, I need to get an 08 viper slip yoke for the transmission, have to get this externally as apparently Dodge don't sell the yoke by itself, you have to buy the whole driveshaft (no biggy). Third, if you break a driveshaft, most slip-yoke transfer cases will leak fluid after the yoke is removed, so you can't just remove the driveshaft and drive out in front wheel drive. This solved the pulsating starts issue. Remove the nuts and U-bolts (bolts for F-350 at transfer case) that connect the rear driveshaft slip yoke to the transfer case and the front yoke to the front drive axle. This is the yoke that the rear driveshaft connects to at the Transfer case. Matchmark relationship of the driveshaft-to-pinion flange and the slip yoke-to-front driveshaft or transmission/transfer case housing, as For an inboard and outboard slip yoke assembly design, check to be sure the slip yoke welch plug is not loose, missing or damaged. Zip's Driveshaft U-Bolt Kit (depending on the slip yoke configuration) and  As the name implies, the SYE replaces the slip yoke with a mounting flange, Remove the rear driveshaft: Unbolt the two metal bands at the axle yoke and  A list of common driveshaft questions and answers from the professionals. How to Install a Slip Yoke Eliminator Kit . Figure 3. For a double cardan driveshaft, phasing is not an issue, although you may want to try and line up the bearing caps anyway. Ford 1998-11 Driveshaft Repair Service What is the Driveshaft all about? The driveshaft transmits the power (torque) created by the engine to the front (front wheel-drive), rear (rear wheel-drive), or front and rear (four wheel-drive) of the vehicle as required. When I ordered the Pro-Comp Stage 2 YJ Suspension (Coil Conversion) Kit, I knew that because of the amount of lift and the already short rear driveshaft in the Jeep Wrangler, I was going to need to put a Slip Yoke Eliminator (SYE or Fixed Yoke) Kit in my NP231 transfer case. Stand the drive shaft with the yoke pointing up and spray carb cleaner into the splined end of the yoke. Designed utilizing the latest technology, this product by SKF features premium quality and will perform better than advertised. click here to measure - How to Measure a 2 Piece Impala Shaft . Dec 17, 2013 Conversions & Hybrids - I'm at a lossyoke is stuck in tranny - I'm about to start Guess its possilbe drive shaft coulda got slammed forward in a wreck if hi t from behind . Here is the offending piece. We specialize in a wide-variety of high-quality car parts and accessories for your car, truck or SUV. This correct 28-spline slip yoke mounts to the rear of the transmission and connects to the driveshaft. Most shafts have a little relief hole in the yoke or else enough clearance in the splines for the excess grease. Remove the U-joint and make a puller by sliding a shaft into the holes . At this point the back half of the shaft will be free so hang onto it. Slip Yoke Assembly AWD equinox the slip yoke which bolts up to the transmission fell off I made a rookie mistake I have the bearing and the bearing cage how do I align the drive shaft back up to the transmission. And his question started out by asking how to remove his driveshaft and he followed up by adding he unbolted the tailhousing of the tranny. It had a type of "freeze plug" in the center that leaked. What STYLE?. The 34 spline slip yoke actually has only 33 splines. A separated driveline can result in property Remove the front and rear u-joint bolts (I believe 8 mm 12 point heads). Remove four 8mm bolts to get the front U-joint loose. If your yoke is failing, you may notice rumbling and vibration from the drive shaft. Denny's custom built Driveshaft Specialist high performance steel and aluminum driveshafts for your street rod race car van pickup 4x4 truck Dennys drive shaft high speed balanced and tested for optimum performance Large selection of driveline parts for Shop Wrangler Slip Yoke Eliminators. I replaced the transmission in a 94 suburban drove it for 2 weeks, no problems. In some cases, it’s better to separate the front and rear halves of the shaft at the slip member, leaving the Explore the Crown Rear Driveshaft Slip Yoke here, or find related products for your vehicle today. Do not remove the plastic coating from the male splines. 00). 60 Transfer Case Slip-Yoke Eliminator Kit: Transfer Case Components - Amazon. (rear axle only), remove the bearing cups in the slip yoke in the same manner. The seal that I installed seems to be leaking worse that the other two. Results 1 - 20 of 80 But if you ever decide to get rid of the slip joint in the driveshaft your going to have to covert to a slip yoke on the trans. Second, your driveshaft can fall out of the slip yoke if your axle drops too much, a driveshaft can be made with much more travel than a slip-yoke has. The slip yoke connects to the differential yoke. This works for most trucks. One of the most common cause of driveline vibration are worn U-joints or slip splines, out-of-balance components, yokes out of phase or misaligned angles, approaching critical speed range, and yoke ears that are not concentric with the splines. Advance Adapters Slip Yoke Eliminator (AA SYE) & CV Drive Shaft Installation on a Jeep TJ Whenever you lift a Jeep TJ above 2" (and sometimes even just 2"), your drive line will be off enough to cause what is known as drive line vibrations or "vibes" for short. • If transmission fluid leak is NOT originating in this area, do NOT perform this TSB. When the two halves just begin to spread apart, stop adding grease. STEP 2: Remove front yoke nut and yoke. Raise and support the rear of the truck safely using jackstands. NOTE: In cold winter months, new grease in a slip assembly can stiffen and cause the slip yoke plug to pop out of the slip yoke bore. . Down-size Cherokees have a peculiar rear drive shaft design, utilizing a so-called “slip yoke:” the slip joint — that’s the part of the drive shaft that slides in and out to accomodate the change in distance between the transfer case and the rear axle when the axle moves up and down — is located on the transfer case output shaft, and the center segment of the What would you do to improve our website? We're always looking for ways to improve JEGS. Remove the slip yoke from the driveshaft. Yokes generally get spread from U-joint pullers forcing a bad joint out, so that is probably not your issue since they're original. Rear shaft will install the same as front . 2. the Part List and Service Procedure. Remove the center bearing (carrier bearing) support bracket. Remove the yoke from the transfer case using a 12mm 12-point socket. The splines are just a slip fit into the tailshaft of the transmission and it has to be free to slip forward and back a little as the rear axle moves up and down, so If a u-joint or yoke leak is through the driveshaft slip yoke plug in the area indicated below. Either option will save you at least 50% versus the cost of purchasing a complete new shaft. 1958-1964 IMPALA 2 PIECE DRIVE SHAFT - High Horse Power - up to 750 H/P . 3. Most listed yokes are somewhere between 6. # Slip the driveshaft off 2 different types of splines, you have to have them in front of you, one is sharper and the other is lets call it dull, the 727 is sharp, the 500/518 and the 42rh46rh/re all went to the convo style and what happens is the splines in the slip for the con spline interfere with the straight inv of the 727 spline making it a TIGHT fit, which if this was a end yoke. Fits MANY as long as Length and Splines match Pull the driveshaft and slip yoke rearward until the yoke just clears the transmission extension housing seal. Mark a straight line down the slip yoke and driveshaft in line with the  Mar 29, 2006 Vibration caused by a U-joint or driveshaft usually occurs at 25 to 35 mph, Remove the nuts on the U-bolts at the rear axle to disassemble the driveshaft. I have fixed leaking trans slip yokes with JB Weld. Remove the center nut from the yoke. NOTE: The driveshaft will need to be modified or replaced by a qualified driveshaft re-pair shop, based on your measurement. This Driveshaft 28 Spline Slip Yoke is designed to connect the transmission to the rear end How will I know if this kit will work on my truck? The 10803 works on most yokes with a bearing diameter of 1 7/8″ and 2 3/16″. Remove the driveshaft slip yoke from the driveshaft. if you put iyt in the vise to remove a ujoint and tightened it up on the tubing then you quished it and possibly bent it. Pry the nut locking ring Slide the driveshaft out of the slip yoke. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Yoke (Includes Slip Yoke, Yoke Shaft, and Tube Yoke) A loose or damaged slip yoke seal allows contaminants to invade the slip member assembly. Fixing Driveline Problems: Mustang Aluminum Driveshafts & Driveshaft Loops. At that point, we help the customer determine the proper driveshaft yoke based on u-joint size. This is an optical illusion when comparing to the factory driveshaft if you are looking at how much of the transmission slip yoke is sticking out of the transmission. 8 differential with this Forged rear 1350 pinion yoke. The slip yoke in the drive shaft binds and holds while braking, keeping tension on the rear suspension, when the slip yoke releases you feel the thump in the rear suspension. For most applications, slip yoke run-out (the length of yoke shaft that extends out of the transmission) of 1 inch is more than enough to provide the play needed for suspension travel. A good sized one. 8. Remove hardware that fastens the driveshaft flanges to the traction motor and the rear axle. • If leak originates from driveshaft yoke, go to step 2. This can cause major damage to the driveshaft, the pinion flange or the slip yoke. Replacement eliminates clunking noise while driving. Whether you're looking to repair or replace, find it here with free shipping for all orders over $75. It is referred to a differential yoke. Ummm A common question we get from customers after they install one of our Extreme Duty or Top Gun driveshafts is whether the driveshaft is too short. You have to remove the tail shaft housing to replace the bushing. Wedge a screwdriver in the u-joint gap and remove one of the bolts. STEP 1 Verify or source your driveshaft cores. Use a socket that fits inside the yoke and attach a socket extension. A slip yoke will have a little bit of play, so it's a tough call not seeing it. Remove the snap rings which retain the bearings in the slip yoke (front only) and in the driveshaft (front and rear). NEW DRIVESHAFT MEASUREMENT This diagram is to illustrate measurement for: Complete new driveshaft including transmission slip yoke and new pinion yoke used for Cars, 2 WD Trucks and 4 WD Trucks with transfer case slip yoke: Diagram. Fig. Remove the four 8mm bolts and drop the driveshaft. A drive shaft, driveshaft, driving shaft, tailshaft (Australian English), propeller shaft (prop shaft), . Period. Replacing universal joints refers to changing the couplings at either end of the drive shaft, which are an integral component of the suspension system of a vehicle. Measure from the center of the U-Joints. We stock Heavy duty drivelines, HD Off Road Ujoints, Yokes, Pinion Nuts, Spacers and more. Its a spicer 3-3-5551X if I remember correctly. Figure 1. Come to AutoZone for drive shafts and components that provide you with better torque and power transfer than your OEM drive shaft. 07: Remove the driveshaft from the vise and use pliers or vise grips to pull the cup the remaining way out of the driveshaft yoke. Carefully inspect the driveshaft slip yoke splines for wear or evidence of twisting. The fact that the transfer case output is sealed by the slip yoke, meaning that if you break a u-joint or the shaft, and have to remove the slip yoke, you have to have some sort of method for plugging the transfer case output hole, otherwise the t-case will lose all its fluid. b) Remove 8 bolts P/N: (11B07028) and 8 nuts P/N: (41N07000) from traction motor flange on yoke 31 spline slip yoke will slide on about a 1/2-inch that’s it. The rubber in the cap is in a groove on the slip yoke. The drive shaft uses a slip  The slip yoke is an important component of any drive shaft assembly. Symptoms of Driveshaft Problems Remove the bolts which hold the rear universal joint to the pinion flange. This driveshaft measures about 50-1/2" center-to-center. Mark the position of the slip yoke in relation to the transmission output shaft, then remove the driveshaft. Remove the rear portion of the driveshaft only – leave the slip yoke boot on the rear shaft. You will have the hold the yoke with a large pipe wrench or a chain wrench. It might expand the slip yoke enough so you can beat it off of there with a big hammer. With those measurements and the diameter of the yoke you should be able to find a coil spring for $5 that would keep a predetermined amount of force on the driveshaft at 'static' height. If the slip is not stuck on the stub shaft you should be able to put it in a vice and give a good yank and the rubber in seal will give enough to slide over splines. It smelled like grease too. Put the driveshaft yoke back into the vise set up the same way as before and push the u-joint and remaining cup back into and then out of the driveshaft yoke. Just another reason why you should just leave the driveshaft attached and just remove the slip yoke. If the drive shaft was removed also, then there can be a bunch of different combinations. The yoke shouldn't have much play in it, it shouldn't wiggle much. Otherwise, I think others have just used a cable tie. Often one orientation may balance out better than the other. now they These are the physical connectors to the transmission, driveshaft, and differential. Invasion of con-taminants into the slip member assembly can degrade the grease, and damage slip member components, which can result in driveline separation. The slip-in-tube drive shaft is a new type that improves crash safety. Buy Jeep Wrangler CV 1310 Rear Drive Shaft - Jeep TJ & Advanced Adaptors SYE (NON RUBICON): Drive Shaft Assemblies - Amazon. Cart your driveshaft off to a shop that specializes in driveshaft work. Once you find the proper alignment, paint a mark on both sides of the slip yoke so that you can get it back together correctly next time. So the special Spicer yoke made for tailshafts like this must be about the same as the normal one, except bored smooth near the end to remove the splines in the first 1". This is the sequence of disassembly: 1) Front yoke from driveshaft. SYE YOKE OR FLANGE for Transfer cases with slip yokes 208,241 CHEVY (32 SPLINE) AND 1356 FORD (31 SPLINES) or any other you choose. Be prepared to catch any tranny fluid that comes out. Removing front driveshaft? help asap please Discussion in ' Just pull it, the front slip yoke on the 246 is sealed from fluid unlike the rear. FREE shipping is included on Mustang driveshafts  Dec 23, 2014 We show you how to measure for the correct-length driveshaft (and more) for This is the correct amount of spline contact for the slip yoke. This process isn't complicated, so anyone Last time I had to remove the shaft and clean out the excess grease so that the slip yoke would actually compress/extend properly. Remove the rear portion of the driveshaft only - leave the slip yoke boot on the rear shaft. com. If the shaft is ever taken apart, it is important to get it re-aligned properly when it is re-assembled. 4. 375 OD X 4. Plug the transmission to prevent fluid leakage. I would rotate it there - usually they are indexed, or when I remove a driveshaft, I mark the flange and driveshaft so they are re-installed in the same position. Besides the 1310 half ton or `1350 one ton drive shaft, this SYE flange (yoke also available your choice) is included in the kits below. I don't believe that you can ever grease it too much (the EPA may disagree), and grease is a lot Loosen and remove the four bolts holding each end of the driveshaft in place. Pull the driveshaft off and measure the distance from your mark to the end of the shaft. The rear differential yoke must be pointed at the transfer case yoke in order to get a cor-rect measurement. Here's how to get rid of it the proper way and how to store it the best way! Check out step-by-step instructions and Remove Driveshaft Flange Using a plastic hammer gently shock the driveshaft loose from the differential flange by striking the rear yoke (U joint mount). See Photo 1. This puts the grease Zerk in compression. To fit 2 wheel drive and 4 wheel drive trucks. • 10. It's on the transmission/transfer case end of the drive shaft. Inspect the following: • The universal joint slip yoke boot for rips or holes. The one really weak point of the NP241 is the slip yoke type rear output. I suggest taping the u-joint caps with tape (even duct tape works) once you remove them from the yoke. I looked in TSC at some yokes and they seem to have an e-clip to remove the yoke from the cross shaped greasable joint (name?) that connects the two yokes together (the one on the PTO shaft and the one on the mower). Remove the driveshaft from the transfer case yoke. If you’re careful, you can re-use this clamp. This will make sure it is not installed out of balance. Fitment. Using a dry, clean, lint-free towel, thoroughly clean old grease from the splines on the slip yoke only. Photo #6: Slide the driveshaft through the X-frame and slip the front yoke into the transmission. Install a new boot and put the shaft back together, ensuring the lines match up. That yoke should just slide out. Tom Wood's Custom Drive Shafts, The finest quality custom driveline products at the best possible price. It refers to the transmission of mechanical power   Aug 19, 2013 NOTE: It is not necessary to remove the entire driveshaft for this repair. Rated at 900HP. I'd guess that they have some play in the joints themselves, which means you should probably change them sooner than later. Use a big socket or something similar (cylinder like), and place it below the yoke (the other end of the U-joint). com online experience. After installing the 3" lift on Project X, I had noticeable 1998 Jeep Cherokee RE Slip Yoke Eliminator Kit & CV Driveshaft . If not replaced in time the trunion or bearing cup can shear of. There is a shiny ring where the old seal sat on the yoke but no perceivably groove. You can order your slip yoke from there. 00 as an alternative for $15,000. Slide it backwards a little, drop the driveshaft, and pull the slip yoke apart. The presence of rust on a driveshaft slip yoke is a recipe for trouble. Equipped with 5. May 11, 2015 nothing on how to remove it or how to rebuild it. Vehicle Search Front Or Rear Driveshaft At Transfer Case (1) Slip Yoke; 16 Spline x 1. The Slip yoke is the yoke that slides over the output shaft of the transfer case. Cut and discard the slip yoke boot clamps. Any help would be greatly appreciated SPK1975 Overall, what you really need is: 1) proper slip yoke spline engagement, 2) virtually canceling U-joint angles at the slip yoke and the rear axle pinion U-joint (angles must cancel each other as necessary) and 3) enough unobstructed travel of the rear driveline's slip yoke and the front axle's driveshaft coupler. _____ flange type SYE YOKE TYPE SYE. Do not clean the plastic coating on the male splines with a wire brush. For a two-piece driveshaft, support the center as well. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Re: Broken Drive Shaft Yoke? if it has a slip yoke that slides into the transfer, there is a very good chance tha he will be losing fluid from the t-case if he runs it without a rear driveshaft. Anyone have a part/brand they recommend and do you think I'll have to get the driveshaft balanced after? Rockauto shows the slip yoke for $150 bucks. We sell wholesale to the public. In these cases the slip is built into the driveshaft with a slip yoke/splined stub set of parts. Vibration in a driveshaft can be caused by many conditions. Shop a wide range of Jeep, truck and SUV Driveshafts and related parts for your vehicle. To shorten a driveshaft, we remove one weld yoke, cut the tube to length, re-weld the yoke and then balance the driveshaft. A slip yoke slides on an internal spline. Went on vacation came back and found a puddle of tranny fluid under it. • All driveshaft components. Can I make my driveshaft stronger/lighter? What is a conversion U-Joint? Is it possible   Vibration in a driveshaft can be caused by many conditions. It looks like We can't get the yoke to come off the splined shaft. Remove the front boot clamp only from the center slip yoke and discard. Last time I crawled under my truck the driveshaft slides out of the tranny(or in my case, the t-case) via the slip yoke, not unbolting the tailhousing of the tranny or t-case. Modified Speedway Driveshaft Slip Yokes in-stock with same-day shipping. I am replacing a broken driveshaft with another used one. Unfortunately, it won't come off. Rotate pinion for better visibility of hardware on driveshaft. Lubed driveshaft, slip yoke question. See Photo 2. Invasion of contaminants into the slip member assembly can degrade the grease, and damage slip member components, which can result in drive-line separation. If you want to save some cash you can purchase a Cherokee front driveshaft that has the dual cardan joint from a junk yard or on Ebay. Although the splines look greasy in this picture, there was almost no grease on 7. Use a rubber mallet to hit the CV head to separate the driveshaft from the flanges to access the pinion nuts. 5 inches diameter 16 splines. For an inboard and outboard slip yoke assembly design, check to be sure the slip yoke welch plug is not loose, missing or damaged. Slip Yoke Eliminator. To install a driveshaft: 1. Pull the slip yoke out until it bottoms on it's stop. Today I went to see the dealer. It is designed for heavy duty trucks with full and half round yokes. The Ford C4, AOD, T5, and Top Loader all use the same style slip yoke which is different from that of the 27-spline. not a problem Search our online driveshaft catalog and find the lowest priced discount auto parts on the web. Remove the driveshaft slip-yoke boot clamp at the transfer case with end cutter pliers and discard the driveshaft slip-yoke boot clamp. Using a suitable tool, disconnect the driveshaft flange from the flange pilot. Due to pulsating starts upon acceleration from a complete stop, the delaer removed the driveshaft and lubed the slip yoke. Serving all of Southern California Re: Slip-Yoke slop? Still not really sure what you're saying, but if you can grab your driveshaft down at the slipshaft, (either side) and you push/pull on it and feel looseness, that is too loose. It may be necessary to pry it free with a small prybar. Installing a SYE or Slip Yoke Eliminator Kit may be intimidating to some, but it is actually super easy and can be done with basic hand tools. Position the slip yoke boot over the driveshaft slip yoke boot groove. my rear the slip is up at the tranny. (To prevent any damage) 2) U-joint from front yoke 3) Center u-joint from aft shaft 4) Center u-joint from slip yoke 5) Rear u-joint : Broken down into sections you can now remove the center bearing. After installing the 3" lift on Project X, I had noticeable 2. Jack up your truck and support it with jackstands. Remove the Vehicles drive shaft to perform required maintenance like changing U-joints in the drive shaft yokes. Refer to your service manual for details. Full size and Mini. Re: Driveshaft slip yoke boot Mark both halves of the driveshaft with a straight line, remove the driveshaft and pull it apart in the middle. The driveshaft still needs to manage flex, and this is done between the two driveshafts instead of at the transmission. The ideas is to avoid having the bearing caps fall off and needle bearings dropping out. Remove the four (4) driveshaft flange bolts. Not extreme, but not overly subtle either. Choose top quality brands Mopar, Pro Comp Suspension, Rubicon Express. Clean grease deposits, dirt and rust from the following: • The driveshaft yoke areas. When the slip-yoke failed on our Buick GS, it wiped out just about everything it could, including damaging the To maintain driveshaft coupling shaft balance, mark the driveshaft slip yoke (4841) in relation to the transfer case yoke for correct positioning during installation. How do I remove the driveshaft? Does it have a slip yoke in the transfer case? Is this driveshaft  Results 1 - 20 of 80 CJ Pony Parts features Mustang Driveshafts, Slip Yokes & U-Joints at amazing prices. Removing the final drive and driveshaft from a Honda GL1500 Goldwing, instructions and photos. Find our best fitting driveshaft slip yokes for your vehicle and enjoy free next day delivery or same day pickup at a store near you! Pull the driveshaft and slip yoke rearward until the yoke just clears the transmission extension housing seal. It should slide forward enough to drop clear of the pinion yoke. "If you had difficulty like I did doing that under the car, you can use a circlip pliers to remove the clips on the universal joint, and pull the yoke off the driveshaft," It also says to use sockets and a hammer to remove the U joint as apposed to using a press. The transfer case main shaft in this Rugged Ridge Heavy-Duty NP231 Slip Yoke Eliminator Kit helps decrease driveline vibration caused by taller suspension lifts. I purchased a 2010 ford f150 Lariat in June 2010. Remove the plug in the transmission housing. May 29, 2018 A front driveshaft yoke is used to connect to the transmission while a rear driveshaft flange is used to connect to the differential. Then remove the 4 bolts and 2 straps holding the u-joint to the rear pinion yoke and remove the drive shaft . Adams Driveshaft Rock Crawler 1310 CV Driveshaft, Dana 44 Pinion Yoke, T-case CV Yoke, 1310 U-bolts, and Four 5/16 12 point Head Grade 10 CV Bolts. Wipe the bearing and rubber insulator of the driveshaft center bearing. 6. Check our stock of Ford service slip yokes; 28 Spline Transmission Slip Yoke: The 1967-69 4-speed transmission slip yoke is one of the most difficult slip yokes to source if you don't have your original. This lets the U-joint come out of the other side. Unbolt the rear U-joint or four-bolt flange on the truck's differential pinion. The slip yoke must match the transmission, so you need to check the fitment. Failure to complete this recommendation can lead to premature failure of the slip assembly if Shop Modified Speedway Driveshaft Slip Yokes and get Free Shipping on orders over $99 at Speedway Motors, the Racing and Rodding Specialists. Rear driveshaft slip yoke and i take it your talking about the front shaft? i have my slip more to the front dif. Rusty's Off-Road has all of your Jeep drivetrain needs covered! We have a complete line of Slip Yoke Eliminator Kits, SYE Kits, Drive Shafts, drivelines, Advance Adapters Atlas Transfer Cases, and other accessories. Inspect the rear slip yoke splines on the drive shaft. Remove the four driveshaft flange bolts. I would never pay for a drive shaft for this reason, I would buy a grease gun and lubricate the universal joints and slip yokes, this disturbance may go away. This is the result of a lack of lubrication causing excessive tolerances on the slip yoke splines The only solution is to replace the yoke. We offer high quality new, OEM, aftermarket and remanufactured Chevrolet K2500 Driveshaft parts. So what is a CV driveshaft and why do you want/need one? I'm going to break this up into two different categories since there is a lot of confusion around this - non-Rubicon and Rubicon TJ/LJ's. The only other thing back there to bind up on is the bushing in the back end of the tail shaft housing, right behind the seal. Mark the slip yoke at the tailshaft and then push the slip yoke as far as it will travel into the tailshaft and mark it again the distance between the two marks is the amount of travel you have. yoke. it. You can get close with a taught piece of wire but it is better for a pro to do the job. The rear driveshaft yoke used with a slip-yoke style transfer case is designed to slide back and forth across the splines of the output shaft. Before you ship your driveshaft to us for restoration use the guides below to help verify you have the correct driveshaft components. Immediately after separation, wrap tape around the U-joint caps to keep them from falling off. How To Install a TeraFlex Slip Yoke Eliminator & 2WD Low Range on a NP231 Transfer Case | Quadratec Its not the yoke end that causes a vibration so much as the pinion flange at the differential. an excessively worn slip yoke or transmission tailshaft housing,  Get the job done with the right part, at the right price. (See photo left) If any of these situations are evident, replacement of the slip yoke and professional re balancing of the driveshaft is necessary. This restoration grade driveshaft component is a Order Drive Shaft Slip Yoke for your vehicle and pick it up in store—make your purchase, find a store near you, and get directions. 10 Using assorted sockets, press the bearing cups out of the yoke and the drive shaft with a large bench vise or an arbor press. Jun 19, 2012 03: Remove the u-joint straps and bolts and remove the driveshaft. 2: Two-piece rear driveshaft with center bearing. Here is the front with the slip yoke still installed in the trans. A Jeep TJ or YJ runs into a massive problem when lift heights increase: the driveshaft slips out of the transfer case. 375" Diameter Slip Style Yoke; Assuming I can get a replacement PTO that is attached to a yoke, I can't figure out how to remove the one I have from the mower. Remove the bolts retaining the driveshaft to the front axle companion flange. Then measure the depth of the yoke. To access the other bolts, take off the screwdriver and manually turn the driveshaft. Using a suitable tool, disconnect the driveshaft 2-piece driveshaft only and built on or before flange from the flange pilot. To solve this issue, the slip yoke is eliminated with an SYE kit (slip yoke eliminator kit). On the other hand, remanufactured yokes can cost fairly lower than the brand new counterparts. Just buy a remanufactured transmission and a new yoke. DO NOT pound on the original propeller shaft yoke ears (unless the U-joints are being replaced) or the injected nylon joints may fracture. 5" center to center on U JOINTS 25 SPLINE SLIP YOKE (DISCOUNT if I REMOVE YOKE) Driveline in Original Condition. 9. # Separate the yoke from the flange. Do I have to completely disassemble the rear diff and remove the axles to be able to remove the torque tube or is there a simpler way? The Chevrolet Silverado trucks come equipped with a slip yoke that is inserted into the rear of the driveshaft. Use a thread locker on these bolts. I’m miffed course I don’t have all the dimensions needed to make a conclusion unless there is a burr on the output shaft. if it is a 1 piece d/shaft and you didn't cut it it shorten it there should be no prolem with the shaft. Does the grease seal and cap hold the slip yoke in the shaft or is there something else? If so, how do you remove the cap and seal. If its for a M1008 you'll just need a 32 spline slip yoke for a 1350 u joint. Remove the slip-yoke boot from the driveshaft. The best way to fix the slip-yoke on the back of your transfer case is to get rid of it. 1998 Jeep Cherokee RE Slip Yoke Eliminator Kit & CV Driveshaft . And I guess that's what they're going to do to fix it. This is for a 97+ Cherokee with the Command-Trac transfer case. The slip yoke assembly (pictured on the right) is what allows drive shafts and PTOs to flex   JSTOR (June 2010) (Learn how and when to remove this template message). So, I got a '69 Roadrunner large u-joint drive shaft that measures about 52" center-to-center (TOP PIC). For this shaft, as it is the outer part, only the metal channel that the white ring fits into was greased, as shown below. 5-8" I wonder if my driveshaft was too short for the car (73 RR) and someone fitted a longer yoke to compensate. Upgrade your ride from bias to radial tires and learn how to build your own beadlock rim for your 4x4. The slip joint has wedged itself onto the splines of the tail shaft, so you might try heating the slip yoke shaft with a torch. Remove the weak flange type rear yoke from your 8. If you're purchasing a salvage yard driveshaft, watch for corrosion on this part. b. The u-joint and yoke are held together with two u-bolts with lock washers and nuts. Here is a quick video to show how the damage affect the connection between the flange yoke and the driveshaft. The slip-yoke design on most NP231 transfer cases means that once you remove the driveshaft slip yoke out of the case and try to drive away, all the fluid will come pouring out the seal. Inspect the lubricant on the driveshaft splines and in the driveshaft slip yoke for contamination. Then we use D. Mark driveshaft and yoke to install in same location to maintain factory balance Remove 2 small "U" bolts from rear end yoke Pry driveshaft out of yoke Slide off spline from transmission not all I stumbled upon this on JF, and figured it might be a good bit of info for here too. I thought this would be good to share for others that might have a vibration at low speeds, especially turning. The yoke that came with my driveshaft was a Spicer, but obviously not the one with the splines bored out at the nose. Engineered for precision and durability, Spicer end yokes help to minimize noise and vibration to keep your driveline running smoothly. Step 2: Go underneath the car and locate the rear yoke of the driveshaft which is connected to the rear axle. And make sure you mark it with something that won't rub off. 7/30/2012 may exhibit a rear driveshaft slip/bump Rear Pinion Yoke by Driveshaft Shop®. Drive shafts, speedometer drive unit, linkages, etc must be removed. Driveshaft Slip Yoke Tackling the off-road requires more power than what your stock drive shaft can deliver. Remove bearing cups and driveshaft slip-yoke as follows: a. Remove the two bolts that hold the center bearing carrier. My slip yoke was $129. To install: Lubricate the yoke splines with suitable grease. You only have to remove the front clamp (red arrow) to get it apart. Then tap the yoke off the shaft splines and remove the old dust cap. Install your slip yoke eliminator next. 7. It is probably a good idea to replace all the u-joints. couple of things to consider. Install the new dust cap first, then Remove | Browse. I tried to hammer out the old u-joint under the jeep, but I can't get it knocked out with the limited room, so I tried to take the drive shaft off at the slip yoke. The heat will destroy the tailshaft seals, so plan on replacing them. I did remove the splined rubber doughnut, which I gave to Homer. i don't know if the 97 fords were like this or not, but i would look into it. Yoke (Includes Slip Yoke, Yoke Shaft, and Tube Yoke) WARNING: A loose or damaged slip yoke seal allows contam-inants to invade the slip member assembly. We have put together a budget friendly solution to your driveline vibrations. Looked underneath today and on the garage floor was a half dollar sized spot under the driveshaft yoke. This will work? I'm not sure I understand what needs to be pressed out, or in. The process of shortening it is quite simple. The fluid is leaking out of the driveshaft yoke at the u-joint, not down from the rear housing seal. LOCATING TAB STYLE YOKE Clean/Lubricate Slip Yoke Splines: Remove the rear drive shaft. The slip yoke goes into almost all aluminum cases from these series of trucks including the later NP205 cases. One way to do this is to mark both sides of the slip yoke. Remove the factory driveshaft by removing the shaft form the axle flange and transfer case flange with a 8mm socket. Install the supplied driveshaft yoke in the transfer case using the supplied 8mm x 25mm bolts and 5/16” washers. 4 liter v8 and SOF 4x4 transmission. To lengthen a driveshaft, both yokes are removed, new tube is installed then welded and finally the driveshaft is balanced. However brand new parts from aftermarket brands might be the exact same yoke that churned out of the auto manufacturer. Move the driveshaft slip yoke in or out in order to obtain the distance of 10 inches between stud shaft weld to the centerline of the If you end up purchasing a slip yoke from us we will refund or credit you $50. Note: The silicone and Locktight does not come with the driveshaft it is only pictured to show the importance of using these so you will not have a leak, or a bolt come loose. Y2k100 The longest 1310/1350 yoke in the market 1. Based on the wear pattern on the front yoke and how far the yoke sticks out of the trans it "looks" about 2" too short. I recommend adding a zerk fitting and grease every oil change. In addition, Spicer driveshaft end yokes are: Forged from hardened steel Heat treated to endure tough conditions Engineered a precise fit Minimize noise, vibration, and harshness and keep your driveline running smoothly. Seems like the slip yoke vibration dampener is wobbling/coming apart. I touched it and it was an oily but a clear fluid residue. driveshaft is held to the rear end by a u-joint and yoke. A WORD ABOUT VIBRATION. D3. Dorman’s Driveshaft Slip Yokes are nickel coated for high corrosion resistance and long-lasting durability. Slip yokes for spline and slip style truck driveshafts. Pull the driveshaft toward the rear until the slip yoke clears the transmission housing and the seal. Remove the 4 U joint retaining bolts. 00+. Any vehicle manufactured prior to 1992 will need to be retro fitted with an electronic speedometer 2. Do not immerse in solvent. Good run down by elhombre. Any ideas to break this thing loose? I'm working on it solo, might just need a friend to help yank on it 4. # Matchmark the driveshaft yoke and axle pinion flange. Overfilling the slip joint turns the driveshaft into a hydraulic pump, ready to hammer away front and back (the pinion seal in the third member is also in for abuse) as it attempts to follow the constantly changed geometry of hooking up the tranny(2WD)/transfer case(4WD) output to the axle input. Note the position of the speedometer drive and then remove speedometer drive unit. d. Did not notice any whiteness marks on the yokes seal surface after removing. On older  Jan 17, 2019 To remove the driveshaft, the car has to be in the air, either level or with The rear yoke is secured to the differential yoke with either two nuts  We never recommend installing a longer slip yoke when the shaft is actually too The correct way to lengthen a driveshaft is to remove both weld yokes and  Jun 12, 2017 Remove the Vehicles drive shaft to perform required maintenance like changing U-joints in the drive shaft yokes. Assure the yoke is free of rust or other foreign material. Here are the basic components that make up a typical driveline at each end of the driveshaft: slip yoke at the transmission, rear axle pinion yoke and external clip-style universal joints at each end. Using a suitable cleaning fluid, clean all dirt from the driveshaft slip yoke, driveshaft slip yoke splines, and shaft splines. Choose from slip yokes to fit front or rear one piece or two piece driveshafts or CV Double Cardan style 4x4 spline and slip style drive shafts Get the job done with the right part, at the right price. The u-bolt nuts should be torqued to 14-16 ft/lbs. Mark driveshaft and yoke to install in same location to maintain factory balance Remove 2 small "U" bolts from rear end yoke Pry driveshaft out of yoke Slide off spline from transmission not all I bought a used front driveshaft to replace the rear as part of a slip yoke eliminator (SYE) installation. c. Do you just hate slip yokes? I mean really, what was Jeep thinking? Are you on a tight budget? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then once again Iron Rock Off Road has the perfect solution for you: our hack-n-tap slip yoke eliminator kit for your Jeep. Remove the U bolts, then slide the driveshaft forward into the transmission with a large screwdriver. Below they are compared to the market’s longest. Among the most common are worn U-joints or slip splines, out-of-balance components, yokes out-of-phase or misaligned angles and yoke ears that are not concentric with the splines. I wonder if my driveshaft is a factory The drive shaft pinion yoke, or slip yoke, allows your drive shaft to flex and the U-joint to rotate properly with the drive shaft. How to Replace a Driveshaft U-Joint . Anything that I purchased a 2010 ford f150 Lariat in June 2010. 4: Indexing the splined shaft with the slip yoke-two-piece shafts. (Remember a driveshaft must be able to change length as it operates!) In the image below, Point A is either the centerline of the u-joint cap (in the case of a transmission slip or and end yoke) or the face-of-flange (in the case of a companion flange. Its just a normal 32 spline output slip yoke. Must have a Yoke Style Sye Kit Installed for this Driveshaft to work. It allows for the use of a longer drive shaft that reduces drive shaft angle and improves bearing and U-joint life. We carry a huge inventory of hard to find parts and accessories. In order to ease removal of the slip yoke (to avoid a hydraulic grease lock) I unscrewed the dust cap from the slip yoke and removed the grease fitting. 72 The 18676. # Remove the U-bolt nuts and U-bolts attaching the yoke to the axle flange. We Start out installing Greasable U-joints, Long Slip n Stub, and use the Strongest castings of Components possible. Wrap tape around the loose bearing caps in order to prevent them from falling off the spider. If so, removing the collar should be all you need, if not, you may have to take a BFH to the yoke to get it off. Mark the location of the rear u-joint on the pinion yoke at the rear so you can install it in the same location. After you give them the Spicer part number they will give you the corresponding slip yoke number for your truck. ISSUE 5. Buy a new Driveshaft 28 Spline Slip Yoke for all 1983-2004 Mustangs with a T5 Manual Transmission, C4, AOD, 4R70W or AOD Automatic Transmission from CJ Pony Parts. Use a hammer and pound it out. You could also do #3 above (remove the zerk fitting) to let any extra grease under pressure out. Position driveshaft slip-yoke in bearing cup removal tool No. you have to remove Used for Cars, 2 WD Trucks and 4 WD Trucks with transfer case slip yoke: Diagram. inch driveshaft yoke transmission It's actually not an extremely undesirable suggestion to have a charge card by using a low limit. Make pinion angle adjustments until you are close to proper geometry for CV driveshaft. it is very shiny. Mega Short Slip Yoke Eliminator Kit For NP231 Part Number: 18676. Most slip yokes slide inside an external bush [in the tail housing ] which locates it. The case must be separated from the transmission. 1. 72 kit has been designed to work with all Wranglers and XJ Cherokees with an electronic speedometer and a factory installed NP231-J transfer case. Then insert the drive yoke into the driveshaft yoke, with the grease Zerk in between the two yokes - in the direction of driveshaft rotation. Here's the slip yoke. a) Remove 4 screws P/N: (6312877) from the rear axle flange on slip yoke side. 5. Transmission Slip Yoke: The 1969 390 4-speed transmission slip yoke is one of the most difficult slip yokes to source if you don't have your original. of driveline vibration are worn U-joints or slip splines, out-of-balance components, yokes out of Remove the driveshaft and rotate the CV-joint through its full range of motion while  I don't want to grind anything off the driveshaft yoke but I have . Back on lift wiggled around the slip yoke and u joint the yoke  can't seem to get rid of. pump using end yokes at the transmission and pump, and a solid drive shaft PTO stands for Power Take Off. ) I used Redline CV-2 to lubricate the splines on the slip yoke. Refer to One-Piece Propeller Shaft Replacement in SI. Adams Driveshaft custom makes these driveshaft using only the best components made by two American Companies, Spicer and Neapco. Blowing a rear driveshaft on a stock Jeep is fairly common and can ruin your wheeling weekend. 205-086 or equivalent. For reference, front driveshaft installation is shown. I lubed my 2000 automatic's driveshaft Friday before heading out on a 1100 mile drive over the weekend. Properly support the driveshaft to keep it in a straight line. If you don't do a grease zerk then you will have to remove the driveshaft to grease (which is a pain) and it needs to be lubricated regularly. How to Replace Universal Joints. Installation 1. Remove the driveshaft. To fix it properly remove the driveshaft and use a micrometer to make sure there isn't excessive wear where the bushing rides on the yoke, you don't need to measure a specific size just use the ends as reference, it should be the same size from front to back. If you need the U-Bolt Kit for the rear, please add it below! We will need you to confirm lengths of shaft. Press out bearing cup. The fix is the slip yoke eliminator or "SYE" kit. Your order may be eligible for Ship to Home, and shipping is free on all online orders of $35. Step 3. If you're careful, you can re-use this clamp. The problem I'm having now though is that the driveshaft it stuck inside the slip yoke so I can't pull it out to bolt it in. Your Mustang driveshaft plays a major role in transferring all that power to the pavement. M tubing that But now on level ground I have about one inch of clearance between the slip yoke collar and the stop on the transfer case side of the driveshaft (sorry, that is the best I can explain it!) About how much of the slip yoke should be showing, I am worried about cracking my case like Aaron did at the Jam. I'm basing this on what I know with my driveshaftno matter where I grab it, and push/pull, there is zero looseness. My slip yoke is unusually long (I think) as the measurement from centre of UJ to end of yoke is 9". Jeep Front Driveshaft CV Joint Kit - Grand Cherokee 1998-2006 / Liberty/Cherokee 2002-2007 - Transfercase side (Rear) Jeep front driveshaft cv joint kit – Fits to the transfer case. Pull the slip yoke out from the transmission's (or transfer case's) attachment point. Lightly lubricate the slip yoke. We build a custom drive shaft that is matched to your needs. This might be the reason for rhythmic vibration at 70mph plus as the yoke is too long. The final drive on the Honda GL1500 Goldwing in this article gave up after 115,000 miles. The first signs of a problem was a clicking noise from the rear of the Goldwing when the driveshaft started to slip as it stripped the splines in the drive unit. O. 5 shaft, 1-1/6 OD universal bores and approx. Let us know what you think! Please use our Contact Us page for issues that require a more immediate response. Scribe alignment marks on the driveshaft and flange of the rear axle, and transfer case or transmission. Your transfer case should now look like one of the pictures on the right. This Drive Shaft is designed to be an High Horse Power Drive shaft Change front driveshaft yoke to fit super t10 All you would need to do is remove the yoke you have on there now (if it is a different spline count), then find a U You find the direction that the driveshaft turns in when going forwards. center slip yoke and discard. Area of Transmission Fluid Leak in Driveshaft Slip Yoke Plug 2. Slip Yoke by Dorman®. Find Yokes with Driveshaft Yoke Location and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Remove. Clean the yoke thoroughly with carb cleaner and dry it with compressed air. Buy a 2017 Jeep Wrangler Driveshaft at discount prices. This upgrade is a must have for those of us with older Jeeps looking to achieve greater lift heights. Find our best fitting driveshaft slip yokes for your vehicle and enjoy free next day delivery or same day  A fellow brought in a driveshaft for the front of a Jeep to see if we could fix it. My question is that since its fixed yoke and the IRS is fixed in the back what is a better driveshaft option: cv driveshaft on one end (trans side) with fixed on the other end (IRS) or get a slip driveshaft made from a 4x4 shop? The cv one from driveshaft shop online is $900 so I'm trying to get away a little cheaper than that. It increases the overall length of the case, eats seals, can contribute to driveline vibrations as the output bushing wears out, and if you have rear driveshaft damage, it can leak all your t-case fluid out on the trail. The Turbo Hydramatic 350 (TH350), 7004, 700R4, 4L60, and 4L60E all use the same style slip yoke (27-spline). The yoke exists as a 1310 and now also as a 1350. The bands remove easily with a little bit of twisting. Hello internet! I made this video to TRYtoHELPyou out with knowing how to remove and install your driveshaft. 1310, 1330, 1350 and 1410 series in 15/16, 16 and 32 spline versions. The SYE kit replaces the stock slip yoke and housing with a sealed housing and a fixed flange or yoke. A first order driveshaft vibration will cause one shake or disturbance for each revolution of the driveshaft. With this measurement, the driveshaft shop can create the complete shaft with the required slip yoke and predetermined run-out for the slip yoke. Removing the drive shaft will allow you to replace the U-joints if needed, to remove the transfer case if it needs repair, or to remove the front axle if necessary. The slip yoke and spline stub are a couple of the more expensive components in a driveshaft. . Use this long yoke to give 7 inches of travel instead of the 3-4 inches you get from a stock drive shaft. I have posted about this before with no real solution/advice. My slip yoke never binds any more and I haven't had the "clunk" once since using this method. To remove the extension housing, you will need to remove the driveshaft. D2. See figure 15. Chances are you are gonna need a new output shaft anyway and that should involve a transmission rebuild. Remove the internal/external C-clips or press out the injected ring of polymer holding the U joints in place. Make sure to compare prices and take a look at the top user reviewed Drive Shaft Slip Yoke Sleeve products that fit your Chevrolet. Remove the drive shaft. STEP 1: Remove the transfer case from the Jeep. Make sure to mark the driveshaft, U joint, & rear end so that you know everything goes back together exactly as it came apart for the sake of maintaining balance. Driveshaft vibration can have many causes. Remove all excess grease from the slip yoke boot and driveshaft slip yoke surfaces. In hindsight, you don't have to remove the front band. Next remove the rear drive shaft. Activate the slip spline by driving the vehicle enough to displace a little grease out of the pressure relief hole. The drive shaft uses a slip yoke on the transfer case end and a flat flange mount on the rear Vehicles the axle housing. I'm assuming the complaint is with the yoke being loose on the Get the best deal for Car & Truck Universal Joints & Driveshafts for Ford from the largest online selection at eBay. 3: Center bearing alignment. The slip yoke is not pitted or rusted. 28-Spline Driveshaft Slip Yoke with Outer Ring for 1965-1973 V8 Mustangs with a C3 or C4 Automatic Transmission. Remove the "C" clips on the rear U-joint. Nevertheless, I was taught to add grease through zerk fitting for the slip yoke while keeping a very careful eye on the joint between the two halves of the DS. Took the driveshaft to be balanced, and they rebuilt the thing entirely other than the slip yoke. These products have undergone proper rehabilitation to remove debris and other unwanted issues. You don't need to over pack it. If you remove the rear universal straps and check your travel at the tail shaft ,you shouldn't have anymore than an 1-1 1/4 inch of travel. Dominate the track or hit the trails with condidence by fine tuning your Replacing my u-joints and center support bearing today, drive shaft is disconnected but I cant seem to pull it from the slip yoke. Your center support bearing should now be in Check the slip yoke itself! I had a "Pommy" Ford Cortina that leaked oil down the center of the yoke. Position the driveshaft under the vehicle using the alignment marks, and insert the slip yoke into the transmission housing. 5-11/16 Universal bore centerline to end of shaft. I can also state that the previous mentioned "nickle plated" slip yoke comment is also correct, but the yoke was plated to alleviate some minimal "lash" conditions between the slip yoke splines and the transmission output shaft which caused a "binding" condition of the yoke on the splines, and a "wrap-up" clunk on stops and restarts from a stop Do you want to remove the exhaust, then remove the driveshaftthen re-attach the exhaustto then remove the exhaustto put the driveshaft backto then put the exhaust back on? That doesn't even take into account that it does look like you can't remove the front of the driveshaft without removing the seal(the front yoke appears to be Buy Rugged Ridge 18676. If the rear axle s still in its proper place the only way the driveshaft can come out with the splines still attached is to break the rear u-joint or yoke. This is important for 4WD vehicles that see extreme flex—as the use of a slip yoke could actually result in the driveshaft falling out of the vehicle. After wiping the metal shavings off of the driveshaft (this was the tractor side and was the outer part of the driveline pair, so both the inside and outside needed to be cleaned off), I started greasing the driveshaft. 1962 - 1966 Ford Mercury Driveshaft 55. Some 2009-2012 F-150 Vehicles equipped with a 6. Measure from center of u-joint at the transfer case yoke to center of u-joint at the pinion yoke. • Inspect the boot for damage. Perfect for your vehicle and lifestyle, it is manufactured to meet or exceed Fig. I was to blame because I fitted a driveshaft that was too long and bottomed out . Is there another seal further into the transfer case that seals the splined shaft? Low Range Off Road is your source for Suzuki Samurai Driveline, or Drive Shaft Parts. Mark the front part of the driveshaft and remove the bands around the boot. It will become a very expensive repair. If contaminated, inspect the driveshaft splines and the driveshaft slip A slip/stick condition between the transfer case output shaft and the driveshaft slip yoke may cause this condition. Push the driveshaft slip yoke onto the stub shaft. Maybe spray a little lube first if rubber is old and stiff. Results 1 - 25 of 2000 Find Driveshafts, Drive Chains, Couplers & Yokes and get Free Shipping on Sonnax Industries T3-3-2431HP - Sonnax Slip Yokes. Drive shaft with universal joints at each end and a spline in the centre. Car has been sitting for a couple months while i do some mods. Yes. Good luck. Rotate driveshaft slip-yoke 180 degrees. Remove the front driveshaft. We also welcome any suggestions that you may have, so provide us with as much information as you can so that we can continue to improve TPI to suit your needs. The slip yoke moves in and out of the driveshaft to prevent putting too much stress on the rear U-joints. There's really no advantage to having a slip-yoke on your NP231J, 231C, 231HD, 241C, 241D, or 243 The Spicer part number is located on the giant sticker on your driveshaft. We want to hear from you! Please use this form to send us anything regarding your user experience with TPI. Look for seepage from the plug on the U-joint side of the yoke. Driveshaft End Yoke by SKF®. Yoke Location / Driveshaft. This should be done on the ground, at vehicle’s ride height. if you didn't alter the shaft or remove any you joints then you can't put it back in wrong A drive shaft, driveshaft, driving shaft, tailshaft (Australian English), propeller shaft (prop shaft), or Cardan shaft (after Girolamo Cardano) is a mechanical component for transmitting torque and rotation, usually used to connect other components of a drive train that cannot be connected directly because of distance or the need to allow for relative movement between them. It is important to keep the yoke and U-joint lubricated. If you can't remove the yoke, the trans will probably have to be pulled to replace the bushing. Remove the two metal bands that hold the rubber boot on the slip yoke (visible in picture). You can use conversion U-joints if the U-joint sizes between the slip and rear yokes and the driveshaft yokes are different, but it is best to use a driveshaft with the same yoke size. Browse your favorite brands affordable prices free shipping on many items. The ratings and reviews for these Chevrolet Drive Shaft Slip Yoke Sleeve aftermarket parts really help you make the right decision. Škoda 422 rear axle, suspension and drive shaft on display at the Škoda Museum. This is a direct replacement driveshaft slip yoke for your 1965-1973 V8 Mustang with a C3 or C4 automatic transmission. This will allow contaminates to enter leading to premature failure. Remove the shaft from vehicle. The front drive shaft on the Jeep Cherokee runs from the front output flange on the transfer case to the pinion yoke on the front axle housing. If necessary, use a pair of pliers to remove a bearing cup that fails to press out all the way. I'm in the disassembly stage and plan to replace the stock torque tube in my 46 with a drive shaft and limited slip rear end. Thoroughly clean the boot making sure to remove all of the old grease and dirt. Diagnostic Tips There are several resources in the electronic Service Information System which can provide the technician with information on diagnosis and repair of clunk conditions, and fix the customer's vehicle right the In most 4x4 applications, the drive shaft will have a slip yoke in the middle to allow for changes in length. It operates at speeds equal to or greater than your Mustang engine RPM! Is your Mustang driveshaft & driveshaft hardware up to the task? Even if they are, do you have a driveshaft safety loop? Complete driveshaft parts and service for: racing, 4x4, Imports, restoration, light and heavy duty trucks. Kinda confused what could be leaking from the yoke. Inspect the boot for damage. Below are pictures of a driveshaft removed from a 1997 ford crown victoria police interceptor This driveshaft is aluminum which minimizes corrosion in relation to the steel driveshaft used in civilian crownvics. A simple china marker works well. Some have the components shown in this I think I'm describing this right. Employ this card only reserved for online purchases and then your losses will likely be modest (conceivably $2,000. how to remove slip yoke from driveshaft

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